Blimey it was hard! Toughest run I’ve ever done I think. Savage hill climbs through the quarry and a couple of other sneaky climbs followed for good measure. The bike and the Llanberris pass wasn’t exactly flat either. I’m proud to say I didn’t walk at all on the run, and almost everyone else I saw did.

It also hammered it down with rain just before the start which didn’t help matters. My feet were so cold on the bike they were still numb for the first 5K of the run!

Distances consisted of 1000m swim, 50km bike followed by a tough 11km run.

247th out of 821 finishers.

Transitions were slow as I had a blister on my heel so tried to put a plaster on in T1 then put socks on in T2 – slick!). No prizes for guessing what I’m doing now – BEER!!

BASCTRI Member Official Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Julian 03:18:42 00:22:36 00:02:42 01:47:15 00:01:41 01:04:34 84th 247th

Full Slateman Triathlon 2016 results.

Slateman Standard Triathlon 22nd May 2016

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