Andy Speke, Andy White and Sam Smith after completing Shrewsbury Triathlon

Andy White is a seasoned Shrewsbury Triathlon racer, but this was a first for time for Andy Speke and Sam.

Due the a wet August, the river was high, but with hardly any current, resulting in Andy White having a slower swim time for previous years.

All thoroughly enjoyed it, and are recommending us all to give it a go next time, even though it clashes with other races.

BASC Tri Member Official Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Andy Speke 01:10:32 00:08:40 00:00:43 00:41:30 00:00:36 00:19:05 4th 13th
Sam Smith 01:14:54 00:08:49 00:01:43 00:45:04 00:00:39 00:18:41 14th 31st
Andy White 01:15:23 00:08:53 00:01:08 00:44:14 00:00:53 00:20:17 13th 32nd

Full Shrewsbury Triahtlon 2017 results.

Shrewsbury Sprint Triathlon 3rd September

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