James and Leon at the Shrewsbury tri finish

Andy and Sam returned to race again and encouraged more of us to enter, so we did. Though neither of them beat last years times. Tut tut.

It was the first river swim event for the rest of us, with Lee, Robin and James being open water virgins! At 14 degrees, it took their breath away, but they all managed it. Swimming down stream really helps and I think James enjoyed the whole atmosphere of being kicked in the face several times.

It was my first triathlon since being a plonka and breaking my elbow in June. But I survived and it felt good to be back and racing. Plus, I should hopefully easily beat my time next year! 🙂

As always, we all need to speed up our transition times and learn to strip as quickly as Andy. Did James have a cup of tea in T1?

Lee was the dark horse of the day that surprised us all with an amazing time. Just need to sort your swimming out and you might beat Andy!

Well done all. It was a great event (despite the segregated waves) and hopefully we will all be back to smash our times next year.

BASC Tri Member Official Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Andy Speke 01:11:16 00:08:32 00:00:43 00:42:47 00:00:31 00:18:45 13th 35th
Lee 01:13:08 00:09:36 00:01:14 00:42:08 00:00:41 00:19:31 18th 47th
Leon 01:14:06 00:08:31 00:01:18 00:40:35 00:00:59 00:22:45 22nd 51st
Sam Smith 01:16:03 00:09:31 00:01:28 00:45:16 00:00:38 00:19:11 28th 73rd
Aimee 01:17:02 00:08:52 00:01:25 00:44:54 00:00:54 00:20:59 7th 81st
Robin 01:24:14 00:10:15 00:01:37 00:48:07 00:01:10 00:23:07 44th 139st
James Steadman 01:26:43 00:10:05 00:02:03 00:48:12 00:01:18 00:25:08 54th 151st

Full Shrewsbury Triahtlon 2018 results.

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