Christ, that river was cold! They claimed it was 17 degrees, but Alison (who was officiating) took a reading at the edge of the water and it was only 14 degrees! So it was sooooo much colder in the middle.

They give you 5 minutes to get in the water and get acclimatised… I didn’t acclimatise‚Ķ I couldn’t feel my hands, feet or face! But we all survived.

I learnt never to let Alison do up my wetsuit. It didn’t rub, but I couldn’t undo the sodding thing! I entered T1 still fully done up!

It was a bit windy on the bike, but perfect cool conditions for the run.

Well done everyone, especially Kath who has a bad knee but still managed run slowly and complete it. Hopefully next year her knee will be fine and she can smash this years time.

BASC Tri Member Official Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Andy Speke 01:10:52 00:08:17 00:00:37 00:42:34 00:00:29 00:18:57 8th 21st
Sam 01:13:11 00:08:19 00:01:10 00:44:38 00:00:29 00:18:36 11th 30th
Kyle 01:13:57 00:07:41 00:01:16 00:44:17 00:00:42 00:20:02 14th 34th
Aimee 01:17:28 00:08:25 00:02:02 00:45:46 00:00:48 00:20:30 1st 57th
Kath 01:37:51 00:11:11 00:02:13 00:53:32 00:00:50 00:30:06 10th 196th

Full Shrewsbury Triathlon 2019 results.

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