Although we are a small club, we still need to comply with the legal requirements for data protection and privacy (GDPR).

We only collect the personal information that we will need. This information is held by a Data Controller.

Data Controller

We use a secure website called Member Mojo as our Data Controller to store your personal information.

Member Mojo’s servers and backups are all hosted in secure UK facilities.

All of your personal information is automatically deleted after 3 months of your BASC Tri club membership expiring.

Only the BASC Tri club committee members have access to your personal data via the website.

Membership Secretary

As Membership Secretary, Emma Jones likes to keep a paper copy of your personal information. This paper version is stored securely in her home and is destroyed after 3 months of your BASC Tri club membership expiring.


Your personal information is only shared between the current BASC Tri club committee members as and when/if they need it.

The only exception to this would be in the event of an accident/emergency. Any useful personal information (such as medical conditions or next of kin) will be shared with the emergency services.

Communication via Emails

Via the Member Mojo website, you will be sent reminder for membership renewal, expired membership and payment received emails.

We try to keep our members informed via the Facebook club page. Though we are aware that some of our members do not use Facebook, so we will occasionally email you.

For instance, we will email you to let you know of any coaching sessions, such as when the Highley pool opens for the season and our club swimming sessions start.


If any photographs have been taken of you at races (by the race organiser or by our members supporting), then I may pick some of them to use on our results page on this website. They may also be posted on our club Facebook page. If you do not want your photographs used, just let me (Aimee) know and I will make sure not to use any in the future.