GO TRI Results


GO TRI is a fun way to access triathlons and multisport events for the first time. designed for beginners, with manageable distances, reasonal prices, located at friendly and local to venues where our experienced club members are on hand to give tips and guidance.

Race results GO TRI Triathlon 6th June 2016

Our first GO TRI Triathlon was a great day with many new competitors eager to try out a triathlon.

Congratulations to all who took part in what was for many, their first multisport event.

Name Offical Time Overall position Male/Female Position
Joss Brookes 00:36:44 1st 1st Male
Lee Allen Smith 00:40:15 2nd 2nd Male
Paul Martin 00:41:11 3rd 3rd Male
Mark Caseley 00:41:16 4th 4th Male
Sean Smith 00:43:38 5th 5th Male
Ewelina Wescott 00:44:40 6th 1st Female
Samantha Allcott 00:46:40 7th 2nd Female
Sam Wescott 00:47:41 8th 6th Male
Rob Boswell 00:48:00 9th 7th Male
Mariannce Manley 00:49:30 10th 3rd Female
Richard Coates 00:52:00 11th 8th Male
Claire Walker 00:53:08 12th 4th Female
Michael Webb 00:53:10 13th 9th Male
Wendy Beaumont 00:53:19 14th 5th Female
Delith Robinson 00:55:47 15th 6th Female
Iona Aylen 00:58:18 16th 7th Female
Jessica Kent 00:59:10 17th 8th Female
Alison Edwards 00:59:10 18th 9th Female
Fran Virden 01:03:10 19th 10th Female
Mandy Webb 01:05:08 20th 11th Female
Jayne Ward-Lucey 01:05:46 21st 12th Female
Anne Amos 01:07:25 22th 13th Female
Maxine Whyte 01:08:01 23rd 14th Female
Paula Handley 01:18:04 24th 15th Female

Womens winner Amy finishing

Race results GO TRI Spin Duathlon 13th February 2016

A different type of duathlon this time, consisting of a 30 mintue spin class followed by a 2k run.

The weather was good, the spin session was hard (Jono Rogers didn't go easy on them), followed by a run.

Enjoyed by all, well done.

Name Offical Time Overall position Male/Female Position
Stephen Davis 00:42:04 1st 1st Male
Amy Aldridge 00:42:54 2nd 1st Female
Andrew Davies 00:42:56 3rd 2nd Male
Liz Rogers 00:49:44 4th 2nd Female

Full GO TRI Spin Duathlon Photos February 2016.

Nick Price coming into T2

Race results GO TRI Duathlon 21st November 2015

On a bitterly cold day, with gale force winds and wild chills of minus figures (the marshalls were losing the feeling in their faces!), 14 people still got out of their warm cosy beds and came to race in the Go Tri Duathlon. For most, this was their first race. So well done to those who showed up on a nasty day and gave it a go.

Competitors started with a 2.5km off road run, followed by a 10k road bike ride, finished off with a 500m run to the finish line.

A full album of photographs of all of the competitors that braved the winter weather and took part, are on our facebook page.

The winner, Nick Price looed professional coming into transition after a quick but windy bike ride.

Name Offical Time Overall position Male/Female Position
Nick Price 00:37:42 1st 1st Male
Steve Chapman 00:45:24 2nd 2nd Male
Ben Coldrick 00:47:50 3rd 3rd Male
Steve Roberts 00:48:44 4th 4th Male
Stephen Duncan 00:50:23 5th 5th Male
Andrew Davies 00:50:35 6th 6th Male
Andrew Brett 00:50:52 7th 7th Male
Craig Howells 00:54:20 8th 8th Male
Becky Coldrick 00:57:53 9th 1st Female
Ian Millar 00:58:22 10th 9th Male
Bill Throne 01:05:37 11th 10th Male
Liz Rogers 00:58:22 12th 2nd Female

Full GO TRI Duathlon Photos November 2015.

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