Results 2016

Alison and Emma finsihing the Ironman

Ironman Barcelona 2nd October 2016

Report from Emma

Well what an end to the journey. The conditions in Calella were absolutely perfect with a flat sea to begin the race. The swim was actually a pleasure! The start went well, marshals allowing 6 swimmers in every 4 seconds, giving us all our own space to start and I soon got into a very easy rhythm with my stroke which I found easy to maintain throughout giving me a swim time I was immensely proud of.

The bike was a little more gruelling. The course was rolling, on good tarmac, gently sloping downhill with a tailwind all the way out. A few hills but no problem at all. The nutrition worked but as I began to feel more nauseas it was harder to take it in but take it in I did.

Onto the run and what a joy to get off the bike! I was so elated to make the cut off and felt relieved to be upright! My legs and joints were not keen at first but energy levels were good.

My legs hurt but energy levels felt good however by the 3rd and final lap my legs from the hips down were seizing up. Walked probably half the last lap trying to keep my nutrition down. With about half a kilometre to go, family and great supportive friend spurred me on and I FLEW to that finish line! An amazing run down the red carpet, I blubbed so unfortunately all my finish photos have closed eyes!

Never mind, I felt awesome! What an absolute tremendous experience! Then I promptly threw up in a nearby bush!

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Alison 14:07:30 01:25:27 00:08:32 06:39:53 00:13:37 05:40:01 3rd 2199th
Emma 14:39:54 01:24:56 00:07:19 07:10:04 00:08:35 05:49:00 49th 2293rd

Ironman Barcelona 2016 results.

Stoke-on-Trent Standard triathlon 2nd Octobber 2016

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Andy White 02:51:55 00:37:26 00:00:00 01:20:13 00:01:40 00:52:36 48th 110th

Stoke-on-Trent Standard Triathlon 2016 results.

Ludlow Sprint 25th September 2016

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Andy Speke 01:28:32 00:08:23 00:01:27 00:50:23 00:01:17 00:27:03 24th 52nd
Kyle 01:32:05 00:07:15 00:01:55 00:53:21 00:00:32 00:29:02 26th 82nd
Aimee 01:37:05 00:07:43 00:01:45 00:57:47 00:01:0 00:28:50 9th 119th
Lee 01:39:22 00:11:09 00:02:06 00:55:08 00:00:49 00:30:10 48th 145th
Luke 01:40:27 00:07:21 00:02:12 01:00:41 00:01:12 00:28:52 51st 157th
Mark 02:00:41 00:11:16 00:03:03 01:06:19 00:01:30 00:38:33 73rd 283rd

Ludlow Sprint Triathlon 2016 results.

Sandman Full Trithalon 18th September 2016

Sandman triathlon done. 1K swim, 60K bike, 10K run.

What a great event. Probably my favourite event so far. Well organised and a nice atmosphere (like most events really).

Brilliant location, my first sea swim and beach start (so got to feel like a pro!), quite a tough bike (not that hilly but seemingly endless long uphill drags) and great run through the woods with a tough last stretch on sandy paths and the beach.

All in all very scenic. Will definitely revisit next year if anyone fancies it.

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Julian 03:13:06 00:21:33 00:01:42 02:02:44 00:01:46 00:45:23 63rd 159th

Sandman Triathlon 2016 results.

Shrewsbury Sprint 4th September 2016

Andy White returned to Shrewsbury for the sprint triathlon, after doing it last year.

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Andy White 01:12:39 00:06:50 00:00:43 00:42:51 00:01:17 00:20:59 21st 47th

Shrewsbury Sprint Triathlon 2016 results.

BCT September Triathlon 4th September 2016

As always, this was a great and well organised event. An enjoyable race.

Lees first go at this one. He did great, as did Pete who has been ill all season and this was his come back, showing he is in great form!

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Pete 01:10:50 00:08:24 00:01:09 00:39:59 00:00:48 00:21:36 19st 57th
Lee 01:13:29 00:11:17 00:01:03 00:39:45 00:00:31 00:21:44 23rd 68th
James Holland 01:15:10 00:08:39 00:00:52 00:39:54 00:01:02 00:24:44 11th 79th
Aimee 01:15:11 00:08:34 00:01:10 00:42:53 00:00:43 00:22:12 2nd 80th

Full BCT Sprint Triathlon September 2016 results.

Cotswolds 113 Middle Distance 21st August 2016

Alison returned to compete in the Cotswolds again after doing her first ever middle distance triathlon last year.

It was Emma and Andy's first middle distance.

Andy did a great time and raced it, though he felt fairly battered afterwards.

Alison didn't beat her time from last year, but her and Emma were treating this as a training session rather than a race, in preparation for their Ironman in October.

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Andy Speke 05:27:33 00:39:39 00:02:09 02:54:18 00:01:34 01:49:51 171st 224th
Alison 06:08:07 00:38:59 00:04:33 03:15:23 00:02:43 02:06:27 9th 437th
Emma 06:42:40 00:40:26 00:04:34 03:35:16 00:03:01 02:19:21 102nd 545th

Cotswolds 113 (half ironman) 2016 results.

Will Bloomer running

Blithfield Triathlon 31st July 2016

A cold morning for a nearly August day! We were glad to get in the water to warm up... until we got into the water that is! It was very chopping, no one could see the buoys, and I personally didn't enjoy the swim at all!

The bike course was much nicer. Plus the sun came out!

The run course was flat, but dangerous (the ground jumped up and head butted me!), but none the less we all had a great day and Will showed us all up by doing too well!

This was Lukes first standard distance. He seemed to almost enjoy it.

Alison came 1st in her age category.

James did the sprint distance and did an amazing time too.

Well done everyone.

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Standard Distance
Will 02:09:06 00:21:52 00:01:11 01:05:46 00:00:57 00:39:22 5th 5th
Julian 02:35:12 00:30:20 00:02:06 01:17:44 00:01:17 00:43:45 24th 58th
Kyle 02:38:15 00:30:10 00:02:17 01:17:44 00:01:10 00:46:55 25th 71st
Alison 02:48:39 00:31:25 00:02:06 01:23:12 00:01:36 00:50:21 1st 99th
Luke 02:50:16 00:27:50 00:02:34 01:28:36 00:01:46 00:49:31 31st 106th
Aimee 02:54:38 00:30:10 00:02:32 01:27:42 00:03:18 00:50:56 10th 116th
Emma 03:01:54 00:31:06 00:03:27 01:30:06 00:02:02 00:55:14 9th 125th
Sprint Distance
James 01:20:55 00:15:26 00:02:57 00:38:37 00:02:05 00:21:52 19th 37th

Full Blithfield Triahtlon 2016 results.

Andy Speke completing the race

Wenlock Triathlon 10th July 2016

Andy finally got over his fears and completed the Wenlock triathlon! After crashing on his bike as he came into transition, Andy failed to continue with the Wenlock Triathlon (on account for being taken to hospital) several years ago. After lots of nagging, we finally got him to give it another go.

Andy was more cautious than usual on the bike (his excuse for Julian beating him overall by 5 seconds!), but completed it without crashing and managed to see just how long and damn hilly the run is!

This was also Lees first sprint distance triathlon (after completing his first GO TRI in June). He had a brilliant race.

Well done to everyone who raced. Roll on next year!

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim Bike Run Cat po Overall position
Julian 01:23:04 00:09:00 00:40:09 00:33:55 5th 13th
Andy Speke 01:23:09 00:09:54 00:38:46 00:34:29 6th 14th
Kyle 01:28:10 00:08:40 00:41:49 00:37:41 7th 30th
Lee 01:30:45 00:13:07 00:41:16 00:36:22 10th 37th
Luke 01:33:32 00:08:24 00:47:02 00:38:06 12th 42nd
Aimee 01:36:26 00:09:20 00:46:49 00:40:17 5th 51st
Claire 02:15:14 00:11:38 01:07:57 00:55:39 6th 89th

Full Wenlock Triahtlon 2016 results.

Battle of Bosworth Triathlon 10th July 2016

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Andy White 01:28:19 00:18:16 00:01:56 00:41:14 00:00:59 00:25:54 7th 26th

Full Battle of Bosworth Triahtlon 2016 results.

Darren coming out of the water

Big Cow Triathlon 2nd July 2016

This was only Kate's second ever triathlon, after experiencing Leeds ITU as her first. She was pleasantly surprised how well it was organised and toatlly enjoyed it.

Darren had a good performance, though I can't seem to find the offical results for him with splits.

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Novice Distance
Kate 01:16:11 00:11:45 00:02:39 00:41:54 00:01:01 00:18:52 18th 40th
Sprint Distance
Darren 01:18:11 20th

Full Big Cow Triahtlon 2016 results.

Andy White

Hereford Sprint Triathlon 3rd July 2016

Andy achieved a brilliant result considering he had been suffereing from "MAN" flu all week and was "poorly sick" throughout the race.

So a totally awesome performance (despite Andy describing it as a terrible race). So very well done. You did BASCTri proud today.

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim Bike Run Overall position
Andy White 01:09:20 00:08:27 00:39:13 00:21:40 57th

Full Hereford Triahtlon 2016 results.

Chatsworth Triathlon 3rd July 2016

An extremely cold river swim, a hilly bike (hills that make Shropshire hills look flat!) and very hilly off road run, but both Emma and Alison did amazingly well!

The standard distance swim was cut short to 1000m due to the river water temperature only being 12 degrees (in July!!!!). Emma struggled to get her wetsuit off in T1, due to no feeling in her freezing cold fingers!

Alison qualified for her age category in the ETU next year.

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Standard Distance
Emma 03:20:51 00:24:10 00:03:51 01:50:15 00:02:31 01:00:02 4th 166th
Sprint Distance
Alison 01:38:38 00:18:26 00:02:33 00:48:23 00:01:18 00:27:57 5th 427th

Full Chatsworth Triahtlon 2016 results.

BASCTri team photo

Leeds ITU Standard/Sprint Triathlon 12th June 2016

Although the organisation of this event wasn't great, we over come the setup (and retrieval) of two transition areas located miles away from each other. I think we can all safely say that we will not be doing another race with separate transition areas!

Despite this, we all enjoyed the race and had an amazing weekend. The weather held up and some of us even got to see the elites race!

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Standard Distance
Andy 02:31:37 00:30:24 00:06:32 01:08:14 00:01:43 00:44:46 79th 454th
Julian 02:33:42 00:29:27 00:06:43 01:11:32 00:01:53 00:44:08 93rd 522th
Leon 02:39:09 00:28:59 00:07:29 01:11:02 00:02:34 00:49:05 150th 723rd
Kyle 02:41:28 00:29:58 00:07:52 01:13:21 00:02:15 00:48:04 88th 811th
Alison 02:51:01 00:30:27 00:08:37 01:18:15 00:02:41 00:51:02 2nd 154th
Aimee 02:55:54 00:28:18 00:08:06 01:26:02 00:03:26 00:50:04 33rd 192nd
Emma 03:03:58 00:32:41 00:08:09 01:20:50 00:04:08 00:58:11 32nd 254th
Sprint Distance
Darren 01:27:37 00:18:18 00:06:33 00:39:27 00:02:01 00:21:19 30th 195th
James 01:30:57 00:16:09 00:06:43 00:42:08 00:02:30 00:23:29 25th 270th

Full Leeds ITU Triahtlon 2016 results.

Avenger Sprint Triathlon 5th June 2016

This is a well run event, held on the grounds on Ragley Hall near Alcester, with any profits going to charity.

A 650m swim in the lovely lake, then a 22k beautiful rolling hills bike ride followed by an off road 5k run around the grounds.

This was the furthest I had run since March, but i managed to get round without my legs falling off!

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Aimee 01:33:55 00:15:11 00:01:46 00:50:26 00:01:27 00:25:05 5th 32nd

Full Avenger Sprint Triahtlon 2016 results.

Alison in cycling

European Triathlon Union Championships (ETU) Standard Triathlon 29th May 2016

Bill and Alison had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Lisbon in Portugal to represent Great Britain in the European Triathlon Union Championships (ETU) Standard Triathlon.

They got to try out the bike course on closed roads before the race day, have a lovely swim in the sea, watch the Sprint race and watch the Elites race!

A great experience for both to be part of the team GB.

Both Bill and Alison got to stand on the podium with the Union Jack after wining Bronze medals in their age groups.

Everyone at BASCTri thinks they are both amazing and we are very proud of them!

Congratulations to you both.

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po
William Hammerton 02:45:13 00:32:15 00:01:55 01:20:48 00:01:23 00:48:50 3rd
Alison Lamputt 02:46:25 00:30:27 00:02:05 01:26:29 00:01:25 00:45:57 3rd

Full ETU Lisbon Age Group Triahtlon 2016 results.

Kyle celebrating his 3rd placing

Ellesmere Sprint Triathlon 29th May 2016

An absolute brilliant day for BASCTri club today! Only two members took part (Andy and Kyle) but both came 3rd in their age groups!

Really well done to both. Amazing times on a hot day.

A 750m open water swim, followed by a 24km bike finished off with a nice a 4.8kn run.

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Andy White 01:30:06 00:17:24 00:01:20 00:48:39 00:01:11 00:21:34 3rd 6th
Kyle 01:33:38 00:16:51 00:01:40 00:50:52 00:00:49 00:23:27 3rd 11th

Full Ellesmere Triahtlon 2016 results.

Mark cycling

Rossendale Sprint Triathlon 29th May 2016

Marks third ever triathlon was a tough hilly one (more hills than Highley... or so he says)!

It was a hot day for climbing hills!

A 400m swim, followed by a 21km bike (with Mark looking very slick on the bike), topped off with a nice a 5kn run.

Well done Mark. You are fast becoming a proper triathlete (with no socks)!

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim Bike Run Cat po Overall position
Mark 01:52:44 00:12:05 01:06:55 00:33:44 48th 199th

Full Rossendale Triahtlon 2016 results.

Slateman Standard Triathlon 22nd May 2016

Blimey it was hard! Toughest run I've ever done I think. Savage hill climbs through the quarry and a couple of other sneaky climbs followed for good measure. The bike and the Llanberris pass wasn't exactly flat either. I'm proud to say I didn't walk at all on the run, and almost everyone else I saw did.

It also hammered it down with rain just before the start which didn't help matters. My feet were so cold on the bike they were still numb for the first 5K of the run!

Distances consited of 1000m swim, 50km bike followed by a tough 11km run.

247th out of 821 finishers.

Transitions were slow as I had a blister on my heel so tried to put a plaster on in T1 then put socks on in T2 - slick!). No prizes for guessing what I'm doing now - BEER!!

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Julian 03:18:42 00:22:36 00:02:42 01:47:15 00:01:41 01:04:34 84th 247th

Full Slateman Triahtlon 2016 results.

Southport Sprint Triathlon 22nd May 2016

Andy took part in the sprint triathlon consisting of 750m swim, 20km cycle followed by a 5km run.

A flat, fast course. Great times, well done Andy!

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Andy White 01:17:38 00:16:23 00:02:12 00:37:33 00:01:57 00:19:33 4th 21st

Full Southport Triahtlon 2016 results.

Mark running towards the finish line

Race report Highley Sprint Triathlon 15th May 2016

Yet another good day in Highley (it is never bad weather for this triathlon). This was Marks second ever triathlon. So well done mark (pictured).

Emma scared the hell out of Alison by nearly beating her! Emma took 8 minutes off of her last time. The Ironman training is really paying off.

Leon took 3 minutes off of last years time too!

James had a good day getting back into triathlons.

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Relay (Aimee and Jono) 01:06:08 00:08:06 00:00:31 00:35:23 00:00:35 00:21:33 1st 8th
Leon 01:14:02 00:08:42 00:01:01 00:38:32 00:01:33 00:24:14 7th 23rd
Alison 01:18:35 00:09:01 00:01:00 00:42:06 00:00:42 00:25:46 1st 40th
James 01:19:26 00:08:43 00:01:03 00:41:28 00:01:39 00:26:33 9th 43rd
Emma 01:20:11 00:09:06 00:01:02 00:42:30 00:00:53 00:26:40 4th 46th
Luke 01:21:12 00:08:00 00:00:51 00:45:43 00:00:35 00:26:03 18th 51st
Mark 01:35:32 00:11:58 00:01:13 00:50:45 00:01:00 00:30:36 21st 82nd

Full Highley Triahtlon 2016 results.

Tewkesbury Sprint Triathlon 8th May 2016

The hottest day of the year so far! A lovely day for Julian's first triahtlon of this season.

Tewkesbury sprint triathlon consisted of a 400m swim, followed by a 24km cycle in rural lanes, finished with a fast, flat 5km run.

Well done Julian for a great start to the season!

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Julian 01:16:33 00:08:04 00:00:49 00:45:27 00:00:42 00:21:28 11th 41st

Full Tewkesbury Sprint Triathlon May 2016 results.

BCT Sprint Triathlon 24th April 2016

A great race for our 2 representatives at Wombourne Triathlon, Alison and Emma's first triathlon of the season and yes it was cold but they are hardcore!

Emma almost had an overall PB... if a bloke hadn't got in the way on the swim and maybe not putting a top on for the bike in transition would have resulted in her PB!

Well done Emma, 8th in age group, a great start to the season.

Alison smashed her previous PB by over 2 minutes! Won her age group (and there were a few in it for a change) by 18 minutes, and was 2nd (only 4 seconds off winning it) in the age group below, as they got her age group wrong. Obviously her youthful looks!

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Alison 01:16:49 00:09:11 00:01:16 00:42:18 00:01:03 00:23:37 1st 120th
Emma 01:20:09 00:09:24 00:01:35 00:44:48 00:01:15 00:24:35 8th 145th

Full BCT Sprint Triathlon April 2016 results.

Storm the Castle Duathlon 17th April 2016

Alison and Emma took part in the duathlon located in Ludlow, which claims to be the toughest duathlon in the UK! 10k run, followed by a 33k bike, finished with a 5k run.

The organisers put on a bike familiarisation ride this morning a few weeks before the race, to allow competitors to get to know the course. Emma and Alison found this a very useful.

On the race day, both did really well, reaching their 3 hour target, with the bike averaging around 15 mph.

Both feel that there should be a reward for completing the country's toughest duathlon! It would also be brilliant as a club event because the atmosphere in the castle afterwards was amazing with lots of clubs there and it's local.

Both did so well, with Alison coming 1st in her age category and Emma coming 2nd in her category!

BASCTri Member Offical Time Run T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Alison 02:56:06 00:58:51 00:03:04 01:22:05 00:02:10 00:29:55 1st 165th
Emma 03:06:58 01:03:56 00:03:33 01:26:07 00:02:44 00:30:37 2nd 183rd

Full Storm the Castle Duathlon April 2016 results.

BCT Aquathlon 12th March 2016

Andy Speke was the only member eager enough for an early season aquathlon. The weather was mild, so

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Run Cat po Overall position
Andy 00:30:52 00:09:08 00:00:15 00:21:30 18th 23rd

Full BCT Aquathlon March 2016 results.

Clumber Park Duathlon 19th March 2016

Nick Price took part in the age group at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire as he hoped to gain qualification to the Great Britain Age-Group Team.

It was a sprint distance duathlon, consisting of a 5k run, 20k bike finished with a 2.5k run.

He qualified 2nd in his age group, and is awaiting his Team GB vest!

Well done Nick!

Offical Time Run T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
01:02:23 00:18:48 00:01:17 00:31:25 00:01:02 00:09:53 2nd 35th

Full Clumber Park Duathlon Photos March 2016.

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