Results 2015

Race results BCT Splash and Dash 6th December 2015

We were lucky with the weather... it was almost wam! A nice 400m swim followed by a good 5k run down the sheltered old railway at Wombourne. Improvements all round from last year. Luke turned up looking well (a strong contrast to his fever he had last year when he raced it), while Andy and Aimee were both suffereing from a cold.

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Run Cat po Overall position
Andy 00:30:33 00:08:44 00:00:48 00:21:02 19th 47th
Aimee 00:31:35 00:07:43 00:01:00 00:22:53 8th 60th
Luke 00:31:35 00:07:20 00:01:01 00:23:14 22nd 61st
Alison 00:34:56 00:09:00 00:01:27 00:24:30 4th 93th
Emma 00:36:02 00:08:55 00:01:43 00:25:25 6th 100th

Full BCT Splash and Dash December 2015 results.

Race results Burntwood Aquathlon 15th November 2015

Only a couple of us represented the club today. 400m swim, followed by a 5k run. It was much warmer than last year and we all had great improvements on the previous years.

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim Run Cat po Overall position
Andy 00:31:83 00:08:19 00:22:59 9th 29th
Aimee 00:32:21 00:07:23 00:24:58 6th 38th
Alison 00:35:37 00:08:21 00:27:16 2th 63rd

Full Burntwood Aquathlon November 2015 results.

Race results Ludlow Sprint 27th September 2015

A tougher sprint (the bike distance is 26k and the run is 6.25k run) than normal, but a great day and very well organised.

Andy did a super T1... being the 5th fastest! Emma beat Aimee in T2!!!!

Well done Emma, you have finally learnt to put less clothes on!

It was also Marks very first triathlon. He did really well and will hopefully have the triathlon bug like the rest of us, and his transitions should improve instantly, after we all pointed out that towel drying in transition isn't good for your times!

Kyle's swim looked painfully slow (as Emma and I watched), but looks can be deceiving! He did his best ever time! He has overtaken Luke! And Leon is close behind.

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Andy Speke 01:28:13 00:08:45 00:00:49 00:51:47 00:00:38 00:26:16 25th 47th
Leon 01:33:20 00:07:55 00:01:18 00:53:32 00:01:24 00:29:12 36th 77th
Kyle 01:36:54 00:07:36 00:01:21 00:58:20 00:00:41 00:28:56 32nd 110th
Luke 01:41:49 00:07:41 00:01:17 01:02:27 00:00:52 00:29:32 43rd 154th
Aimee 01:42:05 00:09:15 01:03:08 00:01:05 00:28:37 15th 158th
Emma 01:42:38 00:08:47 00:01:15 00:59:19 00:00:57 00:32:20 6th 164th
Mark 02:01:58 00:12:11 00:02:59 01:06:41 00:01:34 00:38:33 76th 259th

Ludlow Sprint Triathlon 2015 results.

Race results Wombourne (BCT) Sprint 6th September 2015

As always, a great day out at Wombourne. All previous times improved. Bring on Wombourne April 2016.

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Andy Speke 01:08:19 00:09:10 00:00:40 00:36:51 00:00:33 00:21:29 14th 36th
Leon 01:11:07 00:08:26 00:00:54 00:38:11 00:01:13 00:23:25 19th 53rd
James Holland 01:17:34 00:09:02 00:02:07 00:40:59 00:01:04 00:25:00 38th 106th
Aimee 01:19:27 00:08:32 00:01:04 00:47:42 00:01:07 00:22:13 5th 124th
Emma 01:19:45 00:09:22 00:01:22 00:43:11 00:01:06 00:25:35 5th 126th

Wombourne Sprint Triathlon 2015 results.

Race results Shrewsbury Sprint 6th September 2015

Well done to Andy White who took part in the Shrewsbury Sprint, involving a 500m swim, 23km bike followed by a 5km run.

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Andy White 01:13:53 00:08:37 00:01:05 00:42:10 00:00:47 00:21:16 22nd 43rd

Shrewsbury Sprint Triathlon 2015 results.

Alison coming out of the water

Race report Cotswolds 113 (half ironman) 23rd August 2015

Just because... Was my reason for attempting a 1900m swim, 54 mile bike and a half marathon. It was recommended by Steve Nicholson as being flat and friendly so, I thought 'why not?'

I stayed with my sister 30 miles away so didn't need to get up until 4am (4am? Where did that come from, I didn't realise there were 2 x 4 o'clocks in a day). Arrived about 5.30, parked and set up my transition, pretty much as for an Olympic distance really.

The weather was fine although rain was forecast so I was grateful for that.

I was confident going into the swim but quickly realised I had wetsuit lubricant (baby bottom butter) on my goggle lenses so visibility down to 10 metres if I squinted through tiny gaps. I decided the best way was to draft any available feet and hope they belonged to someone who was good at sighting. The swim went well, I was hoping for around 45 mins but did it in 36 which was a shock, the drafting obviously helped.

I loved the bike, it was virtually flat except for one hill and a bit of a bump. The hill seemed ok the first time but pretty hard on the 2nd lap. I really enjoyed it though especially throwing used drink bottles in the big bag and picking up a new one on the move. I had a bottle of flat coke to start then a bottle of energy drink which seemed to work well. I had planned to eat every 5 miles alternating a cube of flapjack with a gel but I went through a pothole at 9 miles and my computer stopped working - so much for my plan. I tried to stick to it though and it went well.

It started raining just before the end of the bike and my, did it rain! Torrential downpour. I got absolutely soaked, there were literally puddles in my trainers, I had to throw my socks away afterwards as it was also partly off road and very muddy.

I was quite cocky at the beginning of the run and felt great up to 10k; I wondered what all the fuss was about. Unfortunately I then found out as it seemed to get harder. Unbeknownst to me I was getting slower and slower. It was a 3 lap run and my last lap was 7 minutes slower than my first. My run time was 2 hours 11 mins so not too bad for a half marathon after the rest.

My final time was 5 hours 50 mins so I was very pleased and will definitely be doing it again next year :)

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Alison 05:50:54 00:36:41 00:02:13 02:58:22 00:02:26 02:11:09 3rd 487th

Cotswolds 113 (half ironman) 2015 results.

Aimee and Emma running

Race report Droitwich Triathlon July 26th 2015

A morning of horrendous rain and wind! The swim was great, but then the bike was difficult due poor visibility. Signs had blown around and couldn't been seen, and rain in the eyes (after glasses steaming up had been removed) meant that Aimee took a detour and added an extra couple of miles to the route.

After surviving and getting off the bike with shoes so heavy due to the amount of water in them, the run was a pleasant flat run.

Emma seemed to enjoy the race far too much in that weather. But then again, she didn't take a detour!

Looking forward to trying it again next year, in better weather conditions, as the bike route did seem a nice flattish route.

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Aimee 01:25:18 00:08:40 00:01:02 00:52:08 00:01:09 00:22:19 18th 148th
Emma 01:26:18 00:09:30 00:01:42 00:46:37 00:01:29 00:27:00 9th 162nd

Full Droitwich Triathlon 2015 results.

Bill on the podium

Race report Schluchsee ETU TNatura Cross Triathlon European Championships July 19th 2015

Bill did BASC Tri proud by going to Germany to compete in his age group for the Cross Triathlon European Championships. It was a hard off road course, but Bill came out on top winning a Gold medal!

Hopefully he will be representing us again in Cross World Championships. Looking forward to seeing Bill win more Gold medals!

A big congratulations from BASC Tri.

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po
Bill 04:21:14 00:37:55 00:04:30 02:13:13 00:00:00 01:25:35 1st

ETU TNatura Triathlon 2015 results.

Race report Wenlock Triathlon July 12th 2015

A good turnout for BASC Tri with great results by all, plus it was good to see our non-racing members turning up to support us all.

Pete will be winning the BASC Tri award for the "Best Drafter" award! Pete started in the pool 10 seconds behind Julian. He drafted nearly all of the way, slowing down to let Julian turn! But Julian proved to be too good, having an excellent bike and run and beating Pete by 4 minutes overall!

I (Aimee) had a great swim (for me at least) and after the chain coming off twice during the bike route, I managed to win my first age category medal for 3rd place.

Dave managed to beat Kyle by a mere 22 seconds overall!

Luke did his usual... raced unwell with a fever and looked like he was in a sauna!

Emma had a calm race. After working on her pre-race nerves, she managed to race comfortably. She now needs to push herself. Roll on Driotwich Triathlon!

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim Bike Run Cat po Overall position
Julian 01:23:27 00:09:34 00:40:10 00:33:43 9th 17th
Pete 01:27:49 00:09:20 00:41:16 00:37:13 6th 26th
Dave 01:32:07 00:08:11 00:44:15 00:39:41 11th 39th
Kyle 01:32:29 00:09:34 00:44:13 00:38:42 12th 40th
Aimee 01:37:23 00:09:59 00:49:39 00:37:45 3rd 51st
Luke 01:39:22 00:08:57 00:49:08 00:41:17 15th 56th
Emma 01:43:00 00:10:46 00:46:35 00:45:39 4th 62nd

Full Wenlock Triathlon 2015 results.

Julian and Emma racing

Race report Avenger Triathlon June 21st 2015

Emma and mines (Aimee) first open water triathlon! So we were both very nervous. Would we manage to get into our wetsuits in time for the start of the race? Would we get kicked and swam over during the swim? Would we manage to get our wetsuits off in under 20 minutes during tranistion? It would turn out to be better than we had feared.

The location (Ragley Hall, Alcester), was beautiful. The swim course was a nice rectangle, which allowed the speedies to spread out quick, giving us room to try and swim in a straight line!

Julian did the Olypmic distance, which started before our nice short Sprint distance. We arrived in time to see Julian off. Then it was time for us to get ready.

The swim was ok (though i forgot how to do bilateral breathing), but the swim time included a long (320m) run to T1 (hence why our T1 times are so quick, and our swim times are slow). This was very hard. Running in a wetsuit and trying to get if down to your waist whislt running was hard! Though they did have 2 people in the water exit, hoisting us out of the water. I wish pool triathlons provided this service!

The bike route was lovely. Not one single flat stretch, but just continuous, up and downs on nice quiet country roads.

The run was equally as lovely, off road, through the grounds of Ragley Hall.

Emma and I were back and eating chocolate fingers (that Emma had stolen from the finish line) in time to watch Julian finish.

A great day had by all. A brilliant first race of the season from Emma (due to illness). A very well organised event. Definitely a race for all of the BASC Tri members next year. With half iron man to sprints, there is a distance to suit all.

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Olypmic Distance
Julian 03:01:06 00:28:51 00:01:20 01:45:09 00:01:26 00:44:20 17th 40th
Sprint Distance
Aimee 01:36:11 00:17:24 00:01:36 00:53:22 00:01:04 00:22:46 7th 48th
Emma 01:44:17 00:20:23 00:02:28 00:51:38 00:01:28 00:28:21 7th 59th

Full Avenger Olypmic Triathlon 2015 results.

Full Avenger Sprint Triathlon 2015 results.

Race report Deva Olympic Distance Triathlon 14th June 2015

After 9 months of hard training, 12 hours a week, the Deva weekend finally arrives. I decided in a moment of madness to try and qualify for the ETU European Championships in 2016 in Lisbon, Devas is the first qualifying event.

I did the Deva Mile swim a couple of weeks ago as this river swimming lark is new to me, I've only just got used to still placid lakes. I didn't enjoy it as it was cold and 2k is a long way but I did it so felt fairly well prepared.

I travel up on the Saturday as Devas is more of a weekend event not just the tri. I register on the Saturday and attend the transition tour, pasta party and evening run through. I buy myself a new bike top in case I need a consolation prize. The goody bag isn't great but the t shirts ok and the atmosphere and free food, and great company more than make up for it.

Have an early night in my hotel but as expected not much sleep. Put my tattoos on (I've never had tattoos before) and my race number has got my name on it so everyone will know when I look stupid. Porridge and coffee for breakfast then off I go.

This event is enormous, the National Age group standard distance championships as well as an ITU and ETU qualifier. About 1,300 entries and look at those bikes, put my Dolan to shame. TT bikes and shoes already clipped in its all sooo serious.

Just as I get to transition the first swimmer comes in from wave 1 (I'm wave 9 so plenty of time), his swim has taken 16 minutes, yes 16 minutes!!

Chat with a few of the other women in my age group and a few people generally and walk around a few times to fully memorise swim in, bike out, bike in, run out and get my markers in case I lose my bike - 16th portaloo, that will do but in the event. I lose count so thank goodness for my bright stripy towel.

Transition closes at 8.30, race briefing at 9 so I head down the 200 metre walk to the river. Everyone looks as nervous as me but they all look very professional.

So, here we go, jump in off the jetty they say but I'm a bit chicken and sit download first and sort of slide into the deep water. It's a very sudden submerge and I lose my breath, what the hell am I doing plunging into 14 degrees of filthy water?

Swim to the start, a bit of trading water and we're off. I swim well with some bashes and kicks but hold my line 850 metres up stream and 650 back down and I'm there, no idea of my time but it turns out to be 27.32.

Transition goes really well, get the wetsuit half off before I get there, about 200m run, 1.59 and off on the bike which goes well 1.22. Back into T2 pleased I get my shoes on quickly 1.32 and off on the run.

3 scenic laps around the river area and across both bridges. Find it like running in treacle but going faster than it felt, 8.5 min mile pace which is good for me, run in 51.36 and then I'm there, the finishing chute, how great does that feel.

What's my time, oh no my watch didn't start - that's why I don't usually bother. Ask someone what their time was and add 2 minutes. Get my official time 2.45.16, wow! Fastest I've ever done even when I qualified in 2011.

Really really pleased and this event is superbly organised with free food and cola at the end. Everyone is so friendly I'm definitely coming again next year and hopefully bringing more of BASCTri with me - definitely to be recommended :)

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Alison 2:45:16 00:27:32 00:01:59 01:22:36 00:01:32 00:51:36 8th 824th

Full Deva Triahtlon 2015 results.

Andy and Julian

Race report Hyde Park ITU World Triathlon May 31st 2015

Andy and Julian took part in the ITU Olympic distance legacy event at the famous London Hyde Park.

Darren Riley also competed in the TRI – IT event on Saturday afternoon.

The event was very well organised I (Andy) and Julian travelled down to London the day before and just managed to get a glimpse of Daz starting the bike course, he soon sped off into the distance as we cheered him on.

We then went off to register for the event for the following day, there were lots of stalls set out selling everything a triathlete would need or desire but we refrained from buying expensive gear that promised to cut time of our performances. We both had a quick look at the swim course and that was when the nerves hit and panic set in. We then took a deep breath and travelled back on the tube to our digs and tried to get some sleep before the big event.

Sunday Monday 4:30am wake up and we were both raring to go, bikes packed, clothing, footwear checked and nutrition sorted and we were off!

Arrived at Hyde park around 6:15am it was very busy so we headed straight down to transition to rack the bikes before I had chance to blink I had to get down to the start of the race, we wished each other good luck then I left Julian still finishing his layout in the transition area whilst I made my way down to the 7:05 start. Julian was starting 20 mins (7:25) after me and my main target was not to get caught by speedy Julian.

1500 metre in the Serpentine, my swim went surprisingly well for me as I still did not feel 100% and was hoping to get around in approximately 40 minutes so really surprised at my swim time, But as expected Julian was quicker than me but we were closer than we both expected.

T1 was a 400 metre run to the bikes coughing and spluttering then change out of the wetsuits and jump on the bikes.

40km Bike route was great fairly flat multi lap course slight lumps and bumps but nothing really, roads were wet and it had stared drizzling but I felt comfortable and was flying on the bike and kept my nerve on the sharp turnarounds and really went for it. This was the first time I saw Julian as we passed each other on opposite sides of the road, we were both hammering it.

T2 was a bit of a disaster for me as I damaged my bike during braking and dismounting (going to fast up to the dismount point) so had to carry it through to the racking area and the some idiot had thrown his wetsuit on top of my trainers so I could find my racking position, the panic started and what seemed like an age (probably just a few seconds) I caught sight of may trainers racked my bike and was off to the run.

10km run a multilap course around the Serpentine which was 4 x 2.5km laps where I kept expecting Julian to come up behind me but I ran hard and finished with a sprint, I had given it my all. After recovering and chatting to other competitors at the finish line I saw Julian sprinting down the finishing straight looking very strong.

Both of our runs went well (though we did not know the overall finish times at this point), we congratulated each other and had our picture taken and then had to wait for the overall results.

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Olypmic Distance
Andy 2:33:59 00:33:26 00:04:34 01:09:50 00:02:38 00:43:41 108th 534th
Julian 2:32:57 00:31:50 00:04:08 01:12:31 00:02:20 00:42:08 99th 496th
TRI – IT (Super Sprint) Distance
Darren 0:51:46 00:08:19 00:04:21 01:27:03 00:02:03 00:10:02 3rd 17th

Full ITU World Triathlon London 2015 results.

Race report Highley Sprint Triathlon 17th May 2015

A great turn out for the club at our local event. Lots of members trying to beat their times from last year, as well as a tri newbies (Darren and John) taking part.

Unfortunately, Emma had to pull out again, due to ill health, but she supported and helped marshall the event. So many thanks to her.

Jackie missed the chance to beat us all too! We hope she is feeling better soon and ready for the next race.

Andy (still dying) tried to beat Julian, but Julian just proved too speedy. Andy still managed a very decent time.

A brilliant first triathlon for Darren who turned out to be a secret speedy and, with improvements to his future tranistion times and improving his swim (which I'm sure he will easily do), he will be beating all of us! Jono, you had better watch out!

Alison did a great bike ride and improved her overall time, but seemed to swim backwards in the pool!

Luke did brilliant considering he hasn't had the time to train like the rest of us has.

Aimee went backwards on the bike (a shockingly bad time) and has realised it is quicker to get off and run up the hills with her bike over her shoulders!

John, who doesn't own a bike (he raced on a borrowed one) and didn't have proper shoes for his pedals (so slipped about), managed the bike route, walked up some hills, but still beat Aimee by 5 minutes on the bike! So very well done to John for his very good first triathlon. Hopefully it will have encouraged him to buy a bike of his own.

New member Leon has proven to be a speedy already. Another great time. We look forward to him joining us at more events.

Everyone was brilliant and did BASCTri proud. Final times and positions were:

BASCTri Member Offical Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Jono 01:00:00 Jono was very busy organising the event, that he forgot to put a timing chip on! So no splits for him. 3rd 3rd
Julian 01:09:17 00:08:22 00:00:42 00:38:05 00:00:33 00:21:35 2nd 8th
Darren 01:10:52 00:09:58 00:01:34 00:35:30 00:01:00 00:22:50 3rd 9th
Andy 01:15:08 00:09:35 00:00:45 00:40:15 00:00:31 00:24:02 9th 31st
Leon 01:17:18 00:08:23 00:01:34 00:39:37 00:01:23 00:26:21 11th 39th
Bill 01:18:12 00:09:04 00:01:22 00:39:57 00:00:52 00:26:57 2nd 40th
Alison 01:19:25 00:09:07 00:01:05 00:41:57 00:00:48 00:26:28 1st 48th
John 01:23:24 00:08:17 00:01:40 00:45:09 00:00:31 00:27:47 16th 60nd
Luke 01:24:22 00:08:02 00:00:58 00:48:44 00:00:33 00:26:05 24th 62nd
Aimee 01:25:53 00:08:54 00:01:03 00:50:14 00:00:45 00:24:57 7th 70th

Full Highley Triahtlon 2015 results.

Highley Triahtlon 2015 Split results.

Race report BCT Wombourne Sprint Triathlon 26th April 2015

First triathlon of the season, two unwell and one very unfit club members were set to race. Unfortunately, Emma had to pull out due to ill health. We hope that she can race later on in the season. Despite this, she turned up to support them both.

Andy had been unwell too, so this was going to be a struggle for him. But he survived to tell the tale, with a very decent time!

As Aimee had suspected, she had improved on her swim and run time, but gone backwards on her bike! More Sunday bike rides needed there.

A great day and great start to the triathlon season.

BASCTri Member Offical Time Overall position
Andy 01:12:53 84th
Aimee 01:21:56 149th

Full BCT Wombourne Triathlon results.

Race report Burntwood Aquathlon March 8th 2015

The first race of the season, we were all quietly nervous both because it was the first race and because we all had our own personal mini battles to win:

Would Aimee beat Alison overall? Would Aimee beat Emma in the swim? Could Jono catch Luke on the run and overtake him? Could Luke beat his 7 minute swim target? Would Emma manage to keep her cool in transition or would she be all of a dither and not be able to remember what to do?

First off was Alison, in theory the fastest of our female swimmers, sub 7 minutes in training so why was she swimming first? She had no idea what swim time she had put in but it must have been way too slow. What an obstacle swim! Every length she had to overtake someone or pass them at one of the ends often having to prise them out of the way. Let that be a lesson to everyone to put in the correct swim time. Miraculously an 8.07 swim time even with the problems so should have been sub 8 minutes.

Next to swim were Emma and Aimee with Emma tipped to win as she is much faster in training. But… no Aimee won by just under a length due to Emma’s nerves. A great swim by them both though, 8.27 and 8.51 respectively.

Luke’s swim was amazing especially considering he is training on his own not with Masters. 6.54 – brilliant.

Jono was last to go but as he is so fast he was unobserved by anyone else as we were all running or watching the running. Good job really as he was only in the pool for a short time. Super speedy swim of 6.20 made him easily the fastest BASCTri swimmer of the day.

Onto the run with everyone doing a brilliant job and running to the very best of their ability. First to finish Alison with a run time of 26.59, then Aimee with 25.40, Emma with 27.55, Luke with 26.12 and finally Jono 20.10. We were the loudest cheering team as each one of us finished; we shouted names so loudly the marshals also joined in with the shouting.

Everyone was brilliant and did BASCTri proud. Final times and positions were:

BASCTri Member Age group position Gender position Overall position
Jono 5th 6th 7th
Luke 13th 40th 58th
Aimee 10th 22nd 69th
Alison 3rd 27th 82th
Emma 14th 35th 99th

Full Burntwood Aquathlon results.

Here’s to the next one.

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