Emma and Alison looking bored waiting to start triathlon

Wow, what a great time and triathlon in Edinburgh! A smooth 6 hour journey up North practising our limited Scottish phrases and singing along to the Proclaimers and Alison’s favourites Rod Stewart and Bay City Rollers!

The day of the triathlon was slightly warmer, no threat of ice and led to lengthy discussions on how many layers to wear on the bike… all of which were pointless when we finally did get out on the bike and we’d changed our minds several times!

The swim in a 50 metre pool was easier than we anticipated, although we couldn’t hang onto the end of the pool as it was too high (if only we could tumble turn), and ducking under the lane ropes was a little confusing to begin with.

Onto the bike and we both opted for bare legs!!!! In Scotland… in January! Although a layer AND bike jacket was worn on top. Good choices! 3 loops of a 5.63km route around a landmark Arthur’s Seat. Very very cold downhill, then a long climb had us looking forward to reaching the top where we assumed it would be easier on the flat, but a fierce headwind meant we used easier gears on the flat than we used up the hill!

Onto the run, 1 layer less and we went around Arthur’s Seat for one last time. Again, a battle against the headwind but a lovely downhill finish back into the finish line at the commonwealth pool.

Finished the day with a lovely wander around the German Market sipping Gluhwein in the biting cold but such a satisfying end to round off a fun trip to a beautiful city.

Well done Alison for coming 2nd in her age category and winning £40 cheque!

Well done Emma for putting up with Alison for a 6 hour drive both ways and not killing her! 🙂

BASC Tri Member Official Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Alison 01:32:01 00:08:44 00:04:03 00:45:36 00:01:53 00:34:35 2nd 177th
Emma 01:40:17 00:08:59 00:03:59 00:47:17 00:01:43 00:38:16 13th 226th

Full New Years Day Triathlon 2020 results.

New Years Day Triathlon

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