Jeremy, Emma, Paul, Aimee, Alison, Leon, Kyle, Julian and James in a group photo, then Alison receiving her 1st prize.

The end of the season, and always a good race to see members we don’t see all year round, though the weather is usually a lot nicer and warmer!

This year was the year of the excuses! Stuart pulled out due to knee injury after a year of Ironman training. Andy took his place… who then pulled out a few days before after twisting his ankle falling down some escalators!

Lee was claiming to be ill too! Julian was recovering from running injury (though you wouldn’t think it by his run time), I had a cold and of course recovering from a broken elbow. But despite all the excuses, those who raced did well (well hardly any of us beat previous years times but Julian did).

Jeremy is a dark horse… none of us realised how quick he was! We need to watch him in future races. Leon has actually started doing some run training, so did a great run, along with his usual good bike and swim times.

Julian did great…. other than the bit where he over took a slow moving car, crossed the white lines, then cut in front of the car and undertook a recreational cyclist in front so he could go left at the roundabout… hence why he got disqualified! Naughty boy Julian!

Nice to see James Holland is still alive. He really needs to do more races with us!

Great to see Emma doing such a short difference too, after a years hard Ironman training, AND beating her time from last year. Well done.

Alison had to go and win her age category again! God, all those wins are getting boring now. Come on old ladies… up your game and beat Alison! Well done by the way Alison.

Well done everyone else, lets try to smash our times next year!

Special thanks to Stuart and his daughter for being the club chef and tea boy at the club gazebo and to Alison for supplying food and drink.

BASC Tri Member Official Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Leon 01:29:17 00:07:53 00:02:00 00:49:28 00:01:03 00:28:54 22nd 45th
Jeremy 01:29:28 00:08:15 00:01:37 00:50:53 00:00:46 00:27:57 24th 47th
Lee 01:32:13 00:09:55 00:01:27 00:52:03 00:00:46 00:28:02 17th 68th
Sam 01:33:09 00:08:23 00:01:43 00:54:42 00:00:33 00:27:48 21st 78th
Paul 01:35:36 00:06:46 00:01:56 00:52:02 00:01:04 00:33:48 18th 101st
Kyle 01:35:45 00:07:21 00:01:36 00:56:48 00:00:42 00:29:18 29th 102nd
Aimee 01:40:06 00:08:08 00:02:12 00:58:43 00:01:58 00:29:05 11th 142nd
Alison 01:40:27 00:08:25 00:02:12 00:55:32 00:01:03 00:33:16 1st 147th
James Steadman 01:41:03 00:08:03 00:01:56 00:58:08 00:00:54 00:32:04 50th 152nd
James Holland 01:41:22 00:08:33 00:01:58 00:57:32 00:01:00 00:32:20 24th 160th
Emma 01:46:06 00:08:18 00:01:58 00:57:58 00:01:14 00:36:37 7th 199th
Julian 01:27:17 00:07:40 00:01:31 00:50:51 00:00:35 00:26:40 DQ

Full Ludlow Triathlon 2018 results.

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