The usual end of season triathlon lacked bacon sandwiches this year. The weather was horrible. Heavy rain and wind the night before. Rain and wind all morning then gusts of wind lunch time. So we didn’t have our usual gazebo base with camping stove providing bacon and sausage sandwiches. 🙁

None the less, we all turned up and raced.

Sam (the plonka) put down a stupidly slow swim time and started at the crack of dawn in the rain. He must have experienced the worst bike conditions of the day as there was so much standing water and debris on the road. So well done for doing so well in rubbish conditions… but it’s your own fault for starting so early!

Lee and Robin got a good telling off from Alison for sprinting the first two laps of the swim then dying. Kath on the other hand, was congratulated by Alison for a good consistent paced swim. She also still has a bad knee but managed to run with a knee strap. Well done Kath.

It was great to see Julian alive and well after he hasn’t raced all season! Always fun for him to race Andy. Though Andy just beat him, but at least Julian didn’t get DQ’d this year.

Andy raced at the same time as Kyle and Jeremy. I think they enjoyed chasing each other down. Though, as always, Andy beat them. 🙁 Kyle and Jeremy need to work harder next year and beat him!!!!

Great to see James Holland too. His first race of the season too! We need to nag him next year to do more races.

The standing water on the roads had almost gone by the time Paul and I raced but the wind picked up with huge gusts of wind. The bike was bloody hard work. Though, now I am old, I won my age category. 🙂

Well done to Emma for racing only two weeks after Ironman Wales and to Alison for winning her age category… again.

Lets hope for better weather next year and the return of the bacon sandwiches. 🙂

Well done all.

BASC Tri Member Official Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Andy 01:26:10 00:08:11 00:01:31 00:49:49 00:01:10 00:25:27 10th 33rd
Julian 01:26:27 00:07:55 00:01:47 00:49:49 00:01:22 00:25:31 13th 37th
Jeremy 01:29:32 00:08:14 00:01:41 00:49:59 00:01:16 00:28:21 20th 62nd
Kyle 01:30:00 00:07:09 00:01:45 00:52:54 00:01:19 00:26:51 26th 67th
Sam 01:31:59 00:07:56 00:02:25 00:54:20 00:01:11 00:26:05 35th 79th
Lee 01:32:31 00:09:48 00:02:49 00:53:23 00:01:04 00:25:26 36th 85th
Aimee 01:34:08 00:07:34 00:01:41 00:56:01 00:01:36 00:27:14 1st 104th
James 01:39:02 00:08:26 00:02:16 00:52:52 00:01:50 00:33:36 26th 154th
Robin 01:43:03 00:10:45 00:02:38 00:56:20 00:01:56 00:31:22 52nd 179th
Paul 01:43:29 00:06:57 00:02:00 00:55:27 00:01:59 00:37:04 31st 186th
Alison 01:44:16 00:08:50 00:02:06 00:58:00 00:01:50 00:33:28 1st 196th
Emma 01:48:05 00:08:22 00:02:47 00:56:05 00:02:33 00:38:15 10th 237th
Kath 01:57:32 00:12:23 00:02:38 01:01:52 00:01:52 00:38:48 13th 292nd

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