Andy and Leon after racing Ludlow Sprint TriathlonWhat better way to finish the triathlon season off, than a good local triathlon with so many BASC Tri members racing.

Since we had a varied amount of swim abilities, we had members starting early in the morning and then members not starting until the afternoon. So we set up a base camp, with sausage and bacon sandwiches and everyone taking turns to support each other either before or after they raced.

Andy Speke was King of BASC Tri, improving on his previous times by several minutes. Though he is losing his touch on his transition times, as he was only 8th in T1.

It was good to see so many others smashing their previous times too, such as Leon, Lee and me (Aimee).

We were even highly honoured to have the Iron Ladies (Emma and Alison) and James Risley compete, even though they only do longer distances. Plus, James has an injury and the Athens marathon coming up, so he decided not to risk the run, but still take part in the swim and bike.

It was great to have a catch up with members we don’t get to see very often and introduce new members to older members. Lets make this an end of year tradition!

BASC Tri Member Official Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Andy Speke 01:25:40 00:08:20 00:01:19 00:49:14 00:00:41 00:26:05 14th 31st
Leon 01:29:15 00:07:49 00:01:54 00:48:40 00:01:08 00:29:44 20th 47th
Andy White 01:30:27 00:08:18 00:01:45 00:51:54 00:00:51 00:27:39 25th 60th
Sam 01:30:59 00:08:57 00:01:33 00:53:08 00:00:45 00:26:36 22nd 63rd
Lee 01:31:58 00:10:39 00:01:28 00:51:23 00:00:34 00:27:53 26th 70th
Kyle 01:34:48 00:07:27 00:02:08 00:54:23 00:00:39 00:30:11 32nd 89th
Aimee 01:34:55 00:07:48 00:01:50 00:54:30 00:00:57 00:29:50 7th 91st
James Holland 01:37:57 00:08:18 00:01:39 00:54:57 00:01:01 00:32:01 15th 112nd
Alison 01:39:53 00:08:33 00:01:58 00:55:11 00:01:02 00:33:08 1st 129th
Emma 01:46:35 00:08:48 00:02:01 00:59:02 00:01:23 00:35:20 15th 189th
Stuart 01:49:12 00:10:24 00:02:09 01:00:40 00:01:31 00:34:28 65th 220th
James Risley 00:07:26 00:03:10 00:49:17 00:01:13

Full Ludlow Triathlon 2017 results.

Ludlow Sprint Triathlon 24th September

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  • 28th September 2017 at 3:12 pm

    Thanks to Aimee for updating the website so quickly, Great work by all, Looking forward to racing with you all again next season


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