A tougher sprint (the bike distance is 26k and the run is 6.25k run) than normal, but a great day and very well organised.

Andy did a super T1… being the 5th fastest! Emma beat Aimee in T2!!!!

Well done Emma, you have finally learnt to put less clothes on!

It was also Marks very first triathlon. He did really well and will hopefully have the triathlon bug like the rest of us, and his transitions should improve instantly, after we all pointed out that towel drying in transition isn’t good for your times!

Kyle’s swim looked painfully slow (as Emma and I watched), but looks can be deceiving! He did his best ever time! He has overtaken Luke! And Leon is close behind.

BASCTRI Member Official Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Andy Speke 01:28:13 00:08:45 00:00:49 00:51:47 00:00:38 00:26:16 25th 47th
Leon 01:33:20 00:07:55 00:01:18 00:53:32 00:01:24 00:29:12 36th 77th
Kyle 01:36:54 00:07:36 00:01:21 00:58:20 00:00:41 00:28:56 32nd 110th
Luke 01:41:49 00:07:41 00:01:17 01:02:27 00:00:52 00:29:32 43rd 154th
Aimee 01:42:05 00:09:15 01:03:08 00:01:05 00:28:37 15th 158th
Emma 01:42:38 00:08:47 00:01:15 00:59:19 00:00:57 00:32:20 6th 164th
Mark 02:01:58 00:12:11 00:02:59 01:06:41 00:01:34 00:38:33 76th 259th

Ludlow Sprint Triathlon 2015 results.

Ludlow Sprint 27th September 2015

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