Alison finishing the Ironman, and then getting her 3rd prize award

Alison’s first Ironman in Barcelona two years ago was flat and hard on the back cycling in one position all that way. So she decided to find a more hilly one… in the lovely location of Zurich.

She didn’t expect it too be soo hilly. She didn’t expect a non wetsuit swim! And she didn’t expect 35 degree temperatures in the shade to cycle and run in! And god it was damn hot. Her support crew (me, Emma and Alison Mac) nearly died in the roasting heat!

So the unusually hot weather this year had sparked rumours of a non wetsuit swim. Alison had been prepared and been swimming in lakes to get her confidence. But on race day, it was totally different. What she didn’t practice was people swimming over her and kicking her and her getting cramp but having no wetsuit to help you float and recover. She had to hang on to the support boat while she recovered from her cramp. All the time she was shouting at them not to move the boat, as if you the boat moves with you on, you are disqualified. But she didn’t drown, and emerged, much to Emma’s relief who was starting to worry, thinking she was dead!

The bike was hard. Two laps, with several horrendous hills in extremely hot weather. But she did see the lovely Swiss countryside with cows with bells on cheering her on.

She started the run in scorching sunshine. The laps around the old city centre was beautiful but brutal with no shade. With us shouting supportive (abusive) encouragement she got round and finished to the sound of “You are an IRONMAN!”.

Well done Alison. And thanks for choosing such a lovely location. Your support crew are very grateful.

You are now a double Ironman! Looking forward to you doing Ironman Sweden.

BASC Tri Member Official Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Alison 15:37:32 01:50:51 00:07:45 07:42:58 00:13:18 05:42:40 3rd 1343th

Full Ironman Zurich 2018 results.

Ironman Zurich 29th July

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