Emma on the bikeAfter becoming an Ironman 2 years ago at Barcelona, we all knew Emma and Alison would want to do another one. Alison choose Zurich, which she did in July. Emma (the crazy girl) decided to do Tenby in Wales… known for its cold British sea swim (with jelly fish), horrendously hilly bike course (with horrible British weather of course), topped off with a hilly run!

We all thought she was mad. But she did the training and was prepared.

Race day came, and amazingly it wasn’t raining! But it was windy though.

The sea swim looked horrible. Really choppy and cold. We watched the big life boat swaying about in the choppy sea! There weren’t many professional in the race, and unusually they were very broken up in the swim. Swimming in one or twos rather than large groups, even the professionals looked like they struggled.

Much to our surprise, Emma turned out to be a mermaid! She did a personal best swim time! Probably the best club swim never to be beaten! The cold and waves were no challenge to her. She came out of the swim in an amazing time and looked brilliant!

The run from the sea to transition is the longest of any Ironman race. It is a 1k run! Luckily, she was allowed to leave a bag with her trainers in down by the sea, but she still had to run 1k with her wetsuit down to her waist.

Out on the bike, her heart rate was too high. She wasn’t eating as often as she should have been, and her legs just didn’t have anything in them. Presumably, her amazing swim and run to transition was too quick. This resulted in her pedalling too slow. Sadly she came in from the bike 1 minute and 26 seconds over the cut off time.

Totally heart breaking for Emma and all of her supporters tracking her all day… willing her over that line. But Emma was positive, had a shower, had some food and then supported the last competitors coming in for Heroes Hour whilst drinking a cider.

But this is not the end of this story… the silly sod has only gone and entered again for next year! She has the a year to train, focusing on cycling. She will slay the dragon next year. She will keep an eye on her heart rate and make sure she doesn’t swim too fast, and that she eats better on the bike. We know she can do it. Plus next year, she won’t waste time cleaning the explosion in the portaloo from another competitor before she uses it!

Well done Emma. We are all proud of you. You didn’t die, so therefore you did the club proud and we know you will smash it next year.

BASC Tri Member Official Time Swim T1 Bike
Emma 10:31:26 01:17:34 00:19:12 08:54:40

Full Ironman Tenby 2018 results.

Ironman Tenby 9th September

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