Alison and Emma coming out of the swim

A race hosted by Chester tri Club. I have raced the standard distance twice before, this was the first time for the middle distance. I have always found their events to be extremely well organised and this one didn’t disappoint. The event is based around Grosvenor Park/The Groves in the City Centre.

Went with Emma Jones who had entered on my recommendation (no pressure!).

We stayed at a city centre hotel which was an excellent location as we went the day before, parked at the hotel and could walk to the venue and into the city in the evening. Registration was well organised and we got brilliant freebies! A hoody, t shirt, towel, race belt, as well as nutrition.
We went to the transition tour which took us to the swim start and exit, transition, and showed us part of the bike and run routes, this was really useful. We then walked one lap of the run on our own which again was useful although we got the route slightly wrong!
Back to the hotel and set up our bikes and got our kit ready.
A gentle walk into the city centre for pasta followed. Then an early night as we were swimming at 7am.

Race day up at 5am, coffee, porridge and bananas for breakfast then off to race!
As we were staying so close it was just a stroll to transition, racking was easy then a short walk to the river. A rolling start off a pontoon was new for both of us. 3 people walked forward and literally jumped into the 14 degree river and we were off! A few hundred metres downstream then turned and swam upstream for what seemed like a long way then downstream again. I started before Emma but she caught me up and appeared by my side! We didn’t wave to each other though! We both enjoyed the swim and didn’t see any of the raw sewage that had been released into the river the day before.

A slight uphill run and up some steep steps back into Grosvenor Park and transition. A quick change and off on the bike. 2 laps of the standard distance course with an additional loop around Wrexham industrial Estate which wasn’t as grim as it sounds. A rolling course with some really fast bits on dual carriage ways. We both enjoyed it and it seemed to go really quickly.

The run was 3 laps crossing the river over the pedestrian suspension bridge which connects The Groves to the very affluent Queens Park area (the houses along the river were to die for!) then a run through The Meadows and back along the riverside, over the road bridge and repeat (twice).
Shortage of water on the run and it was very hot. Also no nutrition on the run which was needed for a middle distance. They are aware of this though and will sort it for next year.

When I finished I got my medal and waited for Emma. I could see/hear that they were short of medals so kept my fingers crossed Emma would be back in time to get one. Unfortunately she just missed out but they posted it quite quickly afterwards.

This was a great event. They offer a standard and middle distance and there is a relay option for both if people don’t want to race as far. Don’t be put off by the river swim, the river is very wide and the current is almost non existent.

We both loved it! If you are looking for something a bit different in the way of a swim this could be the race for you! Although we stayed the night before it is close enough to Bridgnorth to travel especially if you are racing the standard distance.

Bill was also there racing the standard distance to qualify for his age category. Bill came second and therefore qualifies. Great work Bill.

Middle Distance

BASC Tri Member Official Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Alison 06:03:17 00:39:40 00:04:34 03:02:35 00:03:41 02:12:44 1st 287th
Emma 06:33:23 00:40:26 00:04:46 03:22:04 00:04:19 02:21:46 8th 331th

Standard Distance

BASC Tri Member Official Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Bill 02:55:30 00:33:03 00:02:42 01:18:08 00:01:33 01:00:02 2nd 570th

Full Deva Triathlon 2018 results.

Deva Triathlon 3rd June

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