After 9 months of hard training, 12 hours a week, the Deva weekend finally arrives. I decided in a moment of madness to try and qualify for the ETU European Championships in 2016 in Lisbon, Devas is the first qualifying event.

I did the Deva Mile swim a couple of weeks ago as this river swimming lark is new to me, I’ve only just got used to still placid lakes. I didn’t enjoy it as it was cold and 2k is a long way but I did it so felt fairly well prepared.

I travel up on the Saturday as Devas is more of a weekend event not just the tri. I register on the Saturday and attend the transition tour, pasta party and evening run through. I buy myself a new bike top in case I need a consolation prize. The goody bag isn’t great but the t shirts ok and the atmosphere and free food, and great company more than make up for it.

Have an early night in my hotel but as expected not much sleep. Put my tattoos on (I’ve never had tattoos before) and my race number has got my name on it so everyone will know when I look stupid. Porridge and coffee for breakfast then off I go.

This event is enormous, the National Age group standard distance championships as well as an ITU and ETU qualifier. About 1,300 entries and look at those bikes, put my Dolan to shame. TT bikes and shoes already clipped in its all so serious.

Just as I get to transition the first swimmer comes in from wave 1 (I’m wave 9 so plenty of time), his swim has taken 16 minutes, yes 16 minutes!!

Chat with a few of the other women in my age group and a few people generally and walk around a few times to fully memorise swim in, bike out, bike in, run out and get my markers in case I lose my bike – 16th portaloo, that will do but in the event. I lose count so thank goodness for my bright stripy towel.

Transition closes at 8.30, race briefing at 9 so I head down the 200 metre walk to the river. Everyone looks as nervous as me but they all look very professional.

So, here we go, jump in off the jetty they say but I’m a bit chicken and sit download first and sort of slide into the deep water. It’s a very sudden submerge and I lose my breath, what the hell am I doing plunging into 14 degrees of filthy water?

Swim to the start, a bit of trading water and we’re off. I swim well with some bashes and kicks but hold my line 850 metres up stream and 650 back down and I’m there, no idea of my time but it turns out to be 27.32.

Transition goes really well, get the wetsuit half off before I get there, about 200m run, 1.59 and off on the bike which goes well 1.22. Back into T2 pleased I get my shoes on quickly 1.32 and off on the run.

3 scenic laps around the river area and across both bridges. Find it like running in treacle but going faster than it felt, 8.5 min mile pace which is good for me, run in 51.36 and then I’m there, the finishing chute, how great does that feel.

What’s my time, oh no my watch didn’t start – that’s why I don’t usually bother. Ask someone what their time was and add 2 minutes. Get my official time 2.45.16, wow! Fastest I’ve ever done even when I qualified in 2011.

Really pleased and this event is superbly organised with free food and cola at the end. Everyone is so friendly I’m definitely coming again next year and hopefully bringing more of BASCTRI with me – definitely to be recommended 🙂

BASCTRI Member Official Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Alison 2:45:16 00:27:32 00:01:59 01:22:36 00:01:32 00:51:36 8th 824th

Full Deva Triathlon 2015 results.

Deva Olympic Distance Triathlon 14th June 2015

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