Alison returned to compete in the Cotswolds again after doing her first ever middle distance triathlon last year.

It was Emma and Andy’s first middle distance.

Andy did a great time and raced it, though he felt fairly battered afterwards.

Alison didn’t beat her time from last year, but her and Emma were treating this as a training session rather than a race, in preparation for their Ironman in October.

BASC Tri Member Official Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Andy Speke 05:27:33 00:39:39 00:02:09 02:54:18 00:01:34 01:49:51 171st 224th
Alison 06:08:07 00:38:59 00:04:33 03:15:23 00:02:43 02:06:27 9th 437th
Emma 06:42:40 00:40:26 00:04:34 03:35:16 00:03:01 02:19:21 102nd 545th

Cotswolds 113 (half ironman) 2016 results.

Cotswolds 113 Middle Distance 21st August 2016

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