Alison cycling, crossing the finish line with jazz hands and having a glass of wine the morning after.

Alison did Challenge Roth full distance triathlon and smashed it!

A swim PB in an extremely warm, fast canal (don’t think of a Birmingham canal, this was the complete opposite!). No sighting needed as she could just look at the side of the canal.

She was worried it was nearly a non-wetsuit swim, but luckily the temperature dropped just enough for her to wear the wetsuit.

The bike course was supposed to be really flat… which compared with Ironman Zurich, it was flat. But it was lots of drags in an extremely open landscape. The open course was a killer for the wind. No protection at all.

Alison may have pushed a little too hard on the bike, as she couldn’t eat as much and although she did a great time on the bike, she came off feeling sick.

The good news was Challenge is nothing like Ironman… they had marshals undressing her in T1 and putting her wetsuit back in her bag for her. In T2 they had people taking your bike off of you and handing you your bags.

So she managed to come out onto the run where I could nag her and give her zero sympathy for her sickness.

Despite many miles of running along the canal on her own, she managed a good consistent pace right until the end, especially when I told her if she maintained it she would do a sub 14 hour!!!! That gave her the drive to finish the last few miles without walking, crossing the finish line with jazz hands and a smile.

She finished very dehydrated… she felt sick… and medics took her off to a tent full of people on drips! But after failing to find a good vein (but stabbed both arms and hands many times trying) she gave up, took a cup of water and staggered out, where I fed her a good German hotdog. She survived!

5th in her age group out of a 11, sub 14 hours!!! Brilliant work. Well done.

BASC Tri Member Official Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat position Overall position
Alison 13:58:32 01:17:26 00:05:27 06:58:11 00:07:30 05:29:59 5th 392nd

Full Roth Full Distance Triathlon 2019 results.

Challenge Roth 7th July

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