Sam had to return to do this again after getting the bike route wrong last year. But unfortunately, due to road works, the bike course was shortened.

Two days before the race, they found algae in the lake. So it was changed to a duathlon. For some reason they simply split the 10k run distance. So it was 5k run, then a shorter bike then 5k run again. Which isn’t much of a standard distance for duathlon. So Sam and Andy (it was Andy’s first experience of the Brats race) were quite disappointed. Plus last year we got a really good t-shirt. This year they got a buff! Andy was not impressed.

Well done boys for going and racing. So good fast times.

BASC Tri Member Official Time Run T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Andy 01:37:34 00:21:01 00:00:38 00:56:22 00:00:31 00:19:00 6th 22nd
Sam 01:42:08 00:19:57 00:00:35 01:01:25 00:00:27 00:19:41 24th 41st

Full Brat Standard Duathlon 2018 results.

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Brat Standard Duathlon 5th August

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