Paul was the only one representing the club, while the rest of us were at Shrewsbury freezing in the river¬† at the sprint triathlon. He has done it before, so he knows the rules… but this naughty boy got disqualified for not stopping at the traffic lights!!!

We all know the rules… stop at the traffic lights both directions. The marshals will take your number and time will be taken off your overall time, to make it fair. But not stopping and trying to go straight through an amber is the best way to get disqualified. Which is what Paul did.

So officially Paul doesn’t get a time, but I have put his time below, to show what a good time he did! Better luck next time.

BASC Tri Member Official Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
Paul 01:12:24 00:07:11 00:00:55 00:37:17 00:00:49 00:26:12

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