We were lucky with the weather… it was almost warm! A nice 400m swim followed by a good 5k run down the sheltered old railway at Wombourne. Improvements all round from last year. Luke turned up looking well (a strong contrast to his fever he had last year when he raced it), while Andy and Aimee were both suffering from a cold.

BASCTRI Member Official Time Swim T1 Run Cat po Overall position
Andy 00:30:33 00:08:44 00:00:48 00:21:02 19th 47th
Aimee 00:31:35 00:07:43 00:01:00 00:22:53 8th 60th
Luke 00:31:35 00:07:20 00:01:01 00:23:14 22nd 61st
Alison 00:34:56 00:09:00 00:01:27 00:24:30 4th 93th
Emma 00:36:02 00:08:55 00:01:43 00:25:25 6th 100th

Full BCT Splash and Dash December 2015 results.

BCT Splash and Dash 6th December 2015

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