Alison holding her prizeThis is such a great event and so funny seeing Emma worry about how cold it will be on the day! Luckily for her, this year was really mild… so mild that Emma didn’t put any layers on in transition!!!! A complete surprise to the rest of us.

Emma had an awesome swim, be it a couple of lengths short. But we won’t hold that against her.

Sam entered on the day, and raced on his own in the last slot. Alone in the pool and then alone on the run! Well done for a great race on your own. Hopefully next time you will enter earlier and join the rest of us in the race.

A big congratulations to Alison, who was initially told there was no over 60s category and that she had come 2nd in the over 50s. Great stuff on beating women 10 years younger than you! Though in the end, they had an over 60s category, which of course she won!

Next year we need more members doing this event. It is great fun and they give you chocolate!!!

BASC Tri Member Official Time Swim T1 Run Cat po Overall position
Aimee 00:30:31 00:07:18 00:00:56 00:22:17 4th 36th
Sam 00:31:44 00:08:55 00:00:50 00:22:00 21st 49th
Emma 00:34:22 00:07:33 00:01:13 00:25:37 5th 69th
Alison 00:36:01 00:8:35 00:01:39 00:25:46 1st 81st

Full BCT Splash and Dash Aquathlon 2017 results.

BCT Splash and Dash 3rd December

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