This has to be the mildest splash and dash on record! The whole fun of the race is laughing at how many layers Emma puts on for the run. But at 12 degrees, it was trisuit only weather! Though we still had plenty of things to laugh at Emma for, such as forgetting her TE licence, to falling off a chair,  to me overtaking her as she is coming out of the bushes with a big strange dog during the race on the run! I am sure she was drunk. And her overall time is 10 minutes slower than last year! So she must have been drunk.

Alison Lamputt let the club down by not winning! She always wins! You must do better next year Alison, you are losing your touch.

I was two minutes slower too… but I still have a wonky arm, so that’s my excuse. 🙂

Andy did great and got a PB. Well done.

This was the first time James has done the aquathlon. I think he enjoyed it and it was nice to see him for a change.

This was only Alison Macdonald’s second multisport event, and she did great, taking over 5 minutes off her over all time from the March aquathlon. That is brilliant work. Well done!

BASC Tri Member Official Time Swim Run Cat po Overall position
Andy 00:29:29 00:08:41 00:20:49 5th 27th
Aimee 00:32:00 00:09:09 00:22:52 5th 44th
James Holland 00:32:47 00:08:39 00:24:08 6th 52nd
Alison Lamputt 00:35:31 00:09:33 00:25:59 3rd 65th
Emma 00:44:06 00:10:21 00:33:46 8th 100th
Alison Macdonald 00:49:51 00:10:03 00:39:49 12th 108th

Full BCT Splash and Dash Aquathlon 2018 results.

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