Alison with her winnings (bottle of wine)

Christ, it was cold! -1 degrees!!!!! I have never raced in such cold weather before. But Alison and Andy assure me that in previous years they have had iced up eye lashes!!!!

Anyway, it was bloody cold! Four of us were hardcore enough to turn up and race. We swam 400ms in the warm, we put on layers of clothes (surprisingly Emma didn’t put on too many layers) and then we ran 5k as fast as our freezing cold muscles could let us (which wasn’t very fast at all)!

Well done to Alison for winning her age category. Well done Sam and Emma for smashing your previous times.

BASC Tri Member Official Time Swim Run Cat po Overall position
Sam 00:29:21 00:08:55 00:20:26 9th 26th
Aimee 00:31:57 00:08:31 00:23:25 3rd 43rd
Alison Lamputt 00:35:34 00:09:38 00:25:56 1st 58th
Emma 00:41:24 00:11:26 00:29:58 7th 87th

Full BCT Splash and Dash Aquathlon 2019 results.

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