Andy on the runThe Avenger is a great race. It has a sprint, standard and middle distance. It is usually in June, but due to blue algae, it was postponed until September. As a result, the water was freezing, compared to the usual warm June temperature. They claimed it was 17 degrees… but no way in hell was it! It was also very very weedy! It hasn’t normally had a chance to grow.

Also, due to road works, the bike course was altered and completely different to either the sprint or standard normal bike course. So the times can’t be compared with previous years.

It was only my second race, the second time in my wetsuit, and my third time on the bike since breaking my elbow. The swim was hard because of the cold and the wetsuit was very restrictive (considering I still cant fully extend my arm). But I survived. The bike was extremely windy. I am cycling with all my weight on one side, so the gusts of wind blowing across me quite frankly scared me! I knew I would go home to an extremely unimpressed boyfriend if I fell off again! So since it was two laps on the bike, after the first lap I quit and came back to transition. So I got my second DNF (I got my first at Wenlock after smashing my face in)!

This was the first time Andy has done this race. He was chuffed to have beaten me in the swim (well done… you beat a disabled person!). He did great on a hilly extremely windy bike and then a good off road run. Me and the Batty Iron Ladies cheering him on the run helped him run faster.

Hopefully it will return next June to the normal route. I will be fit then and back to racing properly. And Andy will be able to see the proper route and compare times with Julian’s previous time.

Well done Andy for coming 3rd in your old man category and coming 11th overall.

BASC Tri Member Official Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Cat po Overall position
Andy 02:47:03 00:26:42 00:00:41 01:32:48 00:00:26 00:46:26 3rd 11th

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Avenger Standard Tritahlon 16th September

One thought on “Avenger Standard Tritahlon 16th September

  • 25th September 2018 at 7:30 pm

    Yes I was pleased to beat you on the swim even if you are slightly disabled, I wouldn’t of said cheering encouragement more like heckling. Plus I was 3rd on Age Cat so well chuffed with that


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