We are a small friendly club based in the Bridgnorth and Highley area. Started by a group of local triathletes wanting to train and support each other.

We now have a mixed selection of members, from beginners to fully seasoned Ironmen/ladies.

Committee Members

Chair/Welfare Officer – Alison Lamputt

My name is Alison Lamputt, I have been competing in triathlons since I was 50.

I used to swim in an adult lengths session at Bridgnorth Leisure Centre and run a little bit on my own. I then bought a mountain bike to ride just for fun. I always thought triathlons were long distance and for really fit athletes, I had no idea about sprint events.

Someone at swimming told me his daughter was competing in Wombourne Triathlon and how far it was. I thought ‘I can do that’ so I entered Oswestry Sprint Triathlon on a mountain bike wearing a swimming costume and cycling shorts. I won the 50+ age group and from then on had the bug!

Now years later I am still entering sprint and Olympic distance triathlons. My aim is now to keep competing to the best of my ability and keep injury free; I average about 2 triathlons a month through the summer months and 1 Ironman a year!

I train every day (work permitting) which loosely consists of 2 swims (plus an open water session in the summer), 3 bikes (including 2 spin sessions) and 2 runs plus a pilates session for core stability.

I love triathlons, everyone can be successful at their own level and everyone is so friendly whether they are the best in the field or a total newbie. I can thoroughly recommend it to everyone – triathlons aren’t just for those super fit Mr Universe types, they are for you and me.

Treasurer/Club Kit – Andrew Speke

I have always enjoyed all types of sports and I am always up for a challenge.

As a youngster I trained and raced with Wenlock Olympians, then as I got older turned my attention to Martial Arts and competed with my club at National and International championships.

In 2010 I started to take part in off road obstacle racing participating in the Tough Guy, Nettle Warrior, Major Series, Spartan Race and Tough Mudder which are all great fun for all abilities. I then got asked if I would consider attempting a Triathlon. I had always thought that these were over long distances and would be very costly with all the equipment needed. How wrong could I be. All you need is a swim kit, bike and trainers and you’re off. My main problem was that I could not swim but with the help of Northgate Masters swimming coaches and a lot of encouragement from fellow runners and cyclists I managed to complete my first Sprint Triathlon in a reasonable time. This gave me such a buzz, I got hooked and have now even taken part in open water swim events.

Membership Secretary – Emma Jones

I became an accidental tri-athlete in 2013 when some well meaning friends from the Severn Centre began to push me into trying the 1st Highley Triathlon that was taking place in May 2013. At first I resisted, thinking it was something only for elite athletes with all the latest high-tech equipment, but once I’d tried the routes, had advice and offers of help from friends and family, and realised I would actually make it round without risking a coronary, I decided to enter.

After taking that first plunge with swimsuit and T-shirt, gym shoes and borrowed bike, I had such a great time and became hooked. I was amazed at how enthusiastic and supportive all the other triathletes were, whatever their age or ability! I soon discovered a small group of keen individuals who were trying to set up a new triathlon club and with their guidance and support I had a successful and enjoyable first 2 seasons.

We all continue to go from strength to strength and I find I am confident now to tackle new challenges in greater distances and open water swims.

Other Committee members

  • Aimee Holman – Website
  • Kyle Fowler
  • Julian Smith


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