Club Coach - Steve Nicholson

I’ve had a long relationship with triathlon bridging more than 20 years!

My first triathlon race, the inaugural Newent Sprint Triathlon wasn’t the best of starts. The rules back then required a toe cage or clipless pedals for the bike leg, neither of which I possessed. I begged/borrowed a set, but didn’t have time to practice. On the steepest hill of the bike course I misjudged a gear change, lost my chain, and started to roll backwards down the hill. My only option (to save a cartoon-style catastrophe) was to fall into the nettle-strewn bank, with feet still firmly attached to the pedals! I lay there waiting for some time before I was helped out by members of the sweep car. They shadowed me into T2, where I made a few places up during an angry run.

After a break to study, climb lots of mountains, work, start a family etc. I now have more accomplished triathlon experiences under my belt.

I enjoy longer triathlons, and completed my first (but not last) full Ironman distance race in 2013. More usually, time for training fits in with half Ironman distance and so this is my favoured race distance.

As a self-confessed geek, and a busy father of 2, my underlying approach to training and coaching is to maximise quality of quantity.

Time is something we are all short of but the good news is that with even just a little time, some careful goal-setting, and a reasonable dose of commitment, your first triathlon need not be far away. And you don’t even need toe cages or clipless pedals to compete anymore!


Club swimming sessions are available from May- September at the Severn Centre. We swim with Northgate Swimming Club all year round.

Club Swim - Severn Centre (Highley)

Club Swimming sessions are available during May - September in the Severn Centre outdoor heated pool.
Club Coach - Steve Nicholson and Rebecca Skan

Northgate Swimming Club

For only £25 a month you can join the Northgate Swimming Club. This will get you 2 swimming sessions a week and includes the cost of the pool. Swimming sessions are available at Bridgnorth as well as Much Wenlock throughout the week.
Triathlon specific sessions are on Friday and Sundays. Visit the Northgate website for full timetable and annual £15.50 swimming insurance fee information.
Northgate Coach - Andy Hawker

Open Water swimming

From May - September our members go to open water swimming sessions on Saturday mornings and some evenings. Open water swimming is available at Top Barn, Upton Warren, River Severn in Shrewsbury and Dearnford Lake. Committee members attend on a regular basis and are happy tp car share.


Club Ride every other Thursday (weather dependent, seasonal).

5 mile Speed Ride

With the nights being light in June to September, we run a friendly 5 mile bike ride on a nearly flat (as flat as the Bridgnorth area can be) every other Thursday night.

Check the Facebook page for further details.


Our sponsor Edspin provides spin classes at The Bridge Bar, Bridgnorth. Our members are entitled to a discount price of £35 for 10 sessions (a saving of £5).
Visit Edspin for further details


Sessions available with the Bridgnorth Running Club throughout the week.

Bridgnorth Running Club (BRC)

We run with the Bridgnorth Running Club. Our members can join the Running club at the annual discounted cost of £15 (usually £26). Sessions include a 5k run, speed and hill sprint session and a 10k (with 5k dropout) session every week.

Running sessions on an ad hoc basis. Any member can post it on the facebook page, which does sometimes include brick sessions.

Club Runs

Currently club running sessions are on an ad hoc basis. These are organised by individual members and can be posted on the facebook page by any club member. These sometimes include brick sessions.


Monday BRC 5K run - 7pm
Edspin - 6:30pm + 7:30pm
Club Go Ride bike skills - 7pm (first Monday of the month)
Tuesday Edspin - 9:30am
BRC Sprint Speed run - 7:15pm
Wednesday Edspin - 6:30pm + 7:30pm
Club Swim (Highley Outdoor pool) - 8pm - 9pm (End of May - Sept)
Thursday BRC 10K (5K dropout) run - 7pm<
Club 5 mile speed ride - June - September
Friday Edspin - 9:30am
Tri Swim (Northgate Swimming Club) - 8pm
Saturday Open water swim - May - September
Ad hoc runs (see facebook)
Sunday Edspin - 9:30am + 10:30am
Tri swim (Northgate Swimming Club) - 5:15pm

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